Sc fire
On fire

Player on Fire


Fire is an entity found in Survival Craft. You can light flammable blocks/items* aflame with matches, gunpowder kegs, magma, fire arrows, explosive bolts, and lightning (summoned in creative mode only). Animals and the player can be set afire and may die if not extinguished by water.

If the animal normally drops meat when killed and dies while afire, the animal will drop cooked meat. If they normally drop feathers, saddles, leather, or fur, these items burn up and will not be available to the player. 

* Each block/item's individual infobox specifies whether or not it is flammable.


Fire update history
1.8-Magma was added to the game; since fire wasn't added yet, it would just hurt the player
1.10- Fire was added to the game
1.18- Lightning was added; it would spread wherever it struck
Fire update history
1.20- coal blocks were added; these blocks will burn forever
1.25-Fire arrows were added; it would spread fire wherever it landed
1.26- Fire will now rise the player's temperature
Fire update history
1.29- Animals and the player will eventually be distinguished from fire

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