This article describes the several files used by SurvivalCraft as well as some files outside of the game but available from the developer.


SurvivalCraft uses two files to customize the game. These are the texture file (default.scbtex) and the skin file (default.scskin). They can be changed by importing new textures or skins into the game. There are also external ways to add them. See below.

There are also a couple files used by the game that are not generally modifiable. These are the chunks.dat (chunks32.dat for 1.29-up) and project.xml files. These files are technical and should never be altered by the user.

Some files are available from Kaalus' blog, for information purposes. This includes the default images, blocks data and items icons. These may not be updated for each version.

Customizing Files

Block Textures

Block textures, or texture packs allow the terrain looks to be changed. Many items can also be altered through this image. Copy this and edit it on your paint software! Read more here,


Skins are what you can edit to look like anyone or thing you want, you can do anything as long as you stay in the lines. Edit to change the way your player looks! You cannot change his shape, learn more about it at the link above.


Reference Files

The blocks data and icons files are compressed and combined to make it simpler to download.

Blocks Data

This file is provided by CandyRufusGames. It is primarily intended for map makers and gives various information regarding every block and item found in SurvivalCraft.


This file is provided by CandyRufusGames. It is primarily intended for use by wikis and others to help in creating reference documents. An icon is provided for each block and item.

Chunks.dat file format

This (outdated) file describes how the world data file, or 'chunks' is formatted. Modifying this file will affect any previously altered world chunk. Any terrain (chunk) that was not modified will not be represented in this file. Such chunks are generated during world terrain generation.

Default Blocks Texture

This is the built-in texture image. It is provided for a base to start with, so you can modify it for your needs.

Default Player Skin

This is the built-in player skin. It is provided for a base to start with, so you can modify it for your needs.

Internal Files

This section is only for those who are capable of understanding software code. Please do not do this without backing up your original world first!

Accessing internal files

To access the internal files, you might be able to use the following procedure. Note that it might be different on other systems. This was written for an Android based system.

  1. Back up your world, either to SD card or the 'cloud'. The world file is actually several files, compressed into one.
  2. Change the name of the world file from XXXX.scworld to
  3. Open the zip file. There are many ways to do this. This author uses a file browser named "" which makes this step simple. I just have to close the enclosing folder, open it again, and tap on the zip file. This opens it as if it were simply another folder.
  4. There should be 3 files and a folder inside this. The files are the Chunks32.dat file, the Project.xml file and a backup file, Project.bak. The folder will be named EmbeddedContent. This holds any downloaded skin or texture files.
  5. Copy any file you wish to modify, into another folder to work with them.

--- Once you have made all chang