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Version 1.26 of Survival Craft is here! The new update brings CLOTHES! ARMOR!! BODY HEAT!! NEW CRAFTING TABLE DESIGN!!!! & MOAR FISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE NOW!!!!!!! 10/10

Full Change log:

- Added clothing, with multiple clothing items per slot - Added armor - Dyeing of clothes - Added cold and heat effects on the body - Added wetness due to rain or immersion - Accurate temperature calculation engine, based on player surroundings - Made dangerous and exotic animals avoid player during the day - Added 256 blocks visibility range (16 chunks) - Added pumpkin seeds and pumpkin farming - Added cotton and cotton wads - Added canvas - Added Cassowaries (with deadly kick) - Added Barracudas - Added Beluga whales - Added whale breathing - Made animals prey on each other - Made docile animals occasionally retaliate when attacked - New crafting table model - New diamond model - Sky color changes depending on temperature - Bigger and more detailed trees - Fixed progress dialogs glitches - Fixed occasional text layout glitches - Speeded up UI when waiting for network operations - Added FPS and memory counter - Made fonts hi-resolution - Added busy dialog when scanning worlds in singleplayer screen - Fixed glitches in in-hand item drawing - Added more blocks statistics to Recipaedia - Weakened explosions propagating too far in long shafts - Fixed invisible animals on some Windows 8 Phones - iOS 8.1 compatibility changes - Added coordinates display to game menu in creative mode - Fixed excessive throwables hitting power - Nicer thermometer model and reacts to true temperature - Fixed pickables not perishing in fire - New Vital Stats screen - Added more help articles - Fixed tall grass rendering glitch Full Change Log Credit Goes to:

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