Falling blocks are affected by gravity, unlike all other blocks. They were added to the game with version 1.16

Sand and gravel will fall when the block below them is broken.


There are currently two types of falling blocks: the sand block and the gravel block.

These blocks will fall when any block immediately next to them is broken or disturbed some other way. This can be useful for making traps in creative mode. A spike trap, door or trap door activation can trigger the landfall. 

When the fall is triggered, any and all falling blocks that are touching the falling ones will also fall.

You may find areas of these blocks floating above air. When they are generated without support, they will stay floating until disturbed. These are usually only found in caves near the surface and in hilly desert areas. Be very careful when breaking sand and gravel in caves. If you disturb even one block, it can cause the entire floating mass to fall all at once - usually on your head! Simply placing a torch on or next to one of these blocks will also trigger the landfall.


When placed in the air, falling blocks fall 10 blocks a second.

Be Careful when mining since any falling block can fall on the player and cause massive damage! If that does not finish them off then any falling block can quickly suffocate them! If this happens, equip a shovel and mine the block or mine the block with any tool ASAP. Failure to do so can lead to a quick death!