Dirt (Block)
ID 2
General Attributes:
Is Stackable Yes (40)
Is Flammable No
Is Edible No
Emitted Light Amount 0
Sleep Suitability 0.5
Explosion Resilience 25
Projectile Resilience 1
Density 3
Is Fluid Blocker Yes
Projectile Stick Probability 0.75
Tool-related Attributes:
Digging Method Shovel mini
Required Tool Level 0
Digging Resilience 1.5
Impact on Average Tool Longevity -1

Description   (From Recipaedia )

Dirt is a very common block found near the surface in most environments. It can be easily dug even with bare hands, but is best dug with a shovel. When exposed to direct sunlight, grass and flowers will spread to it from nearby blocks, if present.


  • Using a rake on it will transform dirt into a Soil block. 
  • In adventure mode, having a shovel is necessary to dig dirt blocks.
  • Brown Rays can be found in this block under lakes and ponds. They can hide on these and may sting you if you touch them.


- Official Release: Added Dirt.

- 1.22: Dirt can be used for soil.

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