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This description applies to all eggs. Spawner egg. Bird eggs are occasionally laid by adult birds. If you look carefully, you can find and eat them. Cooking an egg will increase its nutritional value. Non-bird spawner eggs are only available in Creative mode. To spawn an animal in creative mode, throw the egg against a hard surface to smash it. Some exotic animal spawner eggs are unavailable even in creative mode.

  • Wildboar Spawn Egg
  • Black Bull Spawn Egg
  • Brown Bull Spawn Egg
  • Black Cow Spawn Egg
  • Brown Cow Spawn Egg
  • Wolf Spawn Egg
  • Coyote Spawn Egg
  • Black Bear Spawn Egg
  • Brown Bear Spawn Egg
  • Polar Bear Spawn Egg
  • All The Horse Spawn Eggs (Black, Bay, Chestnut, Palomino and White)
  • Camel Spawn Egg
  • Giraffe Spawn Egg
  • Zebra Spawn Egg
  • Rhino Spawn Egg
  • Lion Spawn Egg
  • Tiger Spawn Egg
  • Jaguar Spawn Egg
  • Leopard Spawn Egg
  • Reindeer Spawn Egg
  • Moose Spawn Egg
  • Bison Spawn Egg
  • Donkey Spawn Egg
  • Hyena Spawn Egg
  • Gnu Spawn Egg
  • Werewolf Spawn Egg
  • Freshwater Spawn Egg
  • Seabass Spawn Egg
  • Brown Ray Spawn Egg
  • Yellow Ray Spawn Egg
  • Barracuda Spawn Egg
  • Bull Shark Spawn Egg
  • Tiger Shark Spawn Egg
  • Piranha Spawn Egg

Exotic animals

Some animals have no spawner egg even in creative mode.

Bird eggs

These eggs are rarely laid by theirs respectives birds. They can be cooked in a furnace with a water bucket, or eaten raw. They can also function as spawn eggs even in Survival mode, however not guaranteeing a spawn every time.

Creative eggs

These eggs are inedible and Creative mode exclusive.


  • When hatched in non-creative modes, they have a 1/3 chance of spawning.
  • As of the 1.21 update, Spawner Eggs are colored according to what animal they represent. 
  • It has been noted that after some updates, ostrich or cassowary eggs may turn into different spawner eggs such as gnu eggs, donkey eggs, reindeer eggs, moose eggs and blank eggs (if you have a world with version 1.28 or earlier containing seagull eggs it will turn into eggs that spawn White Bulls).
  • Like magnets and boats, if you spawn a large amount of creatures a message saying "Too Many Creatures" appear. See the page on animal spawning.
Survivalcraft 2014-12-27 08-00-05-

The mesaage saying Too Many Creatures on the inventory when spawned a lot of Hyenas

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