It Starts Now Everyone! Edit

It will start now, the contest we've all been waiting for!

From here on forward I will host a contest that will be very competitive for all of us.

They will start every month from here-on-out.

The contests this year will be textural for all you cool people who like making good looking stuff.

And for more contests go to survivalcraftgame.Wikia/wiki/building_contest!!

If you do not have time to post your picture and the contest changes you may still put the last contest entry on this page.

Here are the ways you enter:

1. Comment and post the link to the Dropbox picture for the current competition.

2. Describe your creation by posting its name, how long it took to build it and when you started.

3. Wait for the contest scores (scores will be on the bottom of this page). Thank you for viewing my page.

If you have any questions than you can comment or visit me at ------> [1] <------

When the contests start and what to doEdit

  1. April 1st -- Amazing Mazes (Complex mazes)
  2. May 1st -- Windy WOW (Skyscrapers)
  3. June 1st -- Speedy Rockets (Spaceships)
  4. July 1st -- Enormous Burgers (Huge food)
  5. August 1st -- Catastrophic Collisions (Train, Plane, etc.)
  6. September 1st -- Demolition Dinos (Dinosaurs)
  7. October 1st -- Booooom! FIRE! (Cannons)
  8. November 1st -- The Walking Dead (Scary graveyards)
  9. December 1st -- Noah's Ark (Cool zoos)


This month is: Enormous Burgers (Huge food)


Enormous Burgers Edit

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