Copper Spear
Copper Spear icon
Common Attributes:
Is Stackable? No
Is Flammable? No
Durability 61
Weapon Powers:
Melee Power 5
Melee Hit Ratio 80%
Projectile Power 5
Tool Strengths:
Tool Level 4

Description (From Recipaedia)

A spear is a versatile weapon that can both be thrown and used for melee attacks. When used, it will eventually lose its sharpness and fail. Spears made from better materials will last longer and cause more damage. Thrown spears will stick in soft materials. It may be hard to remove a spear that embedded itself too hard.


Use three copper ingots and two sticks to craft one copper spear.

Copper Spear craft


1.29: Added Copper Spear[1]


  • In the 1.28 update Arrows, spears, and bolts have increased speed.
  • Spears have a maximum range of 24 blocks.
  • Throwing a spear can trigger electrics.
  • Spears may bounce back and injure/kill you.

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