Copper Rake
Copper Rake icon
Common Attributes:
Is Stackable? No
Is Flammable? No
Durability 121
Weapon Powers:
Tool Strengths:
Tool Level 4

Description (From Recipaedia)

Rakes are tools for turning dirt into soil. After the soil has been created by a rake, it is ready to be planted. The rake will eventually get damaged and fail. Rakes made of better materials last longer.


It requires 2 Copper Ingots and 2 Sticks to craft one Copper Rake.

Copper Rake craft


A rake is used to prepare ground for planting. Approach the block that you want to plant in. While holding the rake in your hand, tap the block you want to prepare. If it is tilled properly, the texture will change. You may have to repeat the process.


  • The rake is one of the items that are not recommended to hold in your hand except when you are using it. Interactive blocks will not work properly if you are holding a rake. Instead of opening a chest, for instance you will 'rake' the chest.

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