Copper Ingot
General Attributes:
Is Stackable Yes (40)
Is Flammable No
Tool-related Attributes:

Description   (From Recipaedia )

An ingot of pure copper. Can be crafted into copper tools, such as buckets, wires, and other electric devices. Combine multiple ingots to form a copper block.


Copper ingot is made by smelting malachite chunks in a furnace.

Copper Ingot 1

You can also obtain them by dismantling solid copper blocks.

Copper Ingot 2


Can be used to craft Electric Wire, Buckets, Solid Copper Blocks, Batteries, and other electrical items. As of 1.29 can be used to make amor, tools, and weapons.


  • Do not form them into blocks to hope to save storage space - the blocks only stack up to 4 blocks (36 ingots) whereas they can be stacked up to 40 in their original form

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