This page describes the coordinates display, added in version 1.26


If you are in creative mode and you pause the game, the current location of the character is displayed as coordinates in the information section at the top of the pause screen. This can be used to remember specific location(s) when building large structures or scattered objects. Standard map representations call the east-west direction as the 'X' dimension, the north-south direction as the 'Y' dimension and the up-down direction as the 'Z' dimension.

The coordinates are shown by three numbers relating to these dimensions.

The first number represents the east-west location (X), getting bigger as you move westward.

The second number is the north-south location (Y), getting bigger as you move northward.

The third number is the altitude (Z), getting bigger as you move higher.

The character is initially dropped off at a location roughly around 2800, 5900 and at the local ground level (typically at 65 altitude). These numbers are not the same for every world since the actual terrain is different depending on the seed used.


Some features are dependent on the altitude. The altitude of a block is defined by where the bottom of that block is placed. When you stand on a block, the altitude displayed is the level where your feet are. Thus, when you stand on the shore of the ocean, the display shows altitude of 65. This means the bottom of the top block of water in the ocean is at altitude 64.

Features related to altitude:

0 and below. The 'void'.

Should you manage to make it into this level, you will die at -10.

1     Bedrock begins at this level and can be several blocks thick.

The first layer (at level 1) is invisible bedrock. There are  no blocks below this level. 
Above the bedrock layer, the basalt layer begins, with the ores associated with it. This continues up and through part of the granite levels.

8     Minimum level of flat terrain generation.

20 - 40 Transition between the basalt and granite layers.

Granite and its ores are prevalent above here and can extend to the highest mountains.

64    Sea level, typical minimum land level.

104   Maximum level of flat terrain generation.

127   Maximum buildable level. You can place one block above this level but it will be invisible (like at the '0' level). 

158   Cloud level.

178+ You die.

Note that although the basalt levels are primarily 1 through 32 and granite above that, granite can be found at the very bottom and basalt can occasionally be found near the tops of mountains. These levels stated are not strict but are general guidelines.


1.27 cloud level and death height were increased. 

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