This page is for discussions about issues with the COMMUNITY CONTENT - ONLY!

It is NOT a general purpose "wants" page. To add wanted features, the best place is on the official forum at: WANTED FEATURES.

Wanted features

1: The community content needs a search bar, so you can get the maps you want easier.

2: There should be an easier blocking feature to the community content. This feature stops people from making worlds because they're offensive or inappropriate. There is already a feature like that, but more like a 2 week ban.

3: You should be able ro report or rate content without downloading it first.

4: When a download fails, the author should be notified of it.

5: You should be able to sign in with another account, such as or google (if you are not concerned about privacy); instead of a dropbox , to make things a lot easier.


In the past people seemed to make a lot of inappropriate worlds, and they still do. They usually have very few downloads and will eventually be removed if they are reported enough.

Many of these worlds are used by 'clans' as nothing more than a messaging system. These people may not even actually play the game.

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