Cassowary (Hostile)
General Attributes:
Appearance Biome Desert and Lush Forest
Breathing Mode Air
Mountable No
Mass 100
Other Attributes:
Special Has powerful kick
Drop 1 Raw Bird and Feathers when killed / Cassowary eggs when alive
Auto Nearby Creatures Help Yes

Food Pumpkins


The Cassowary is a large bird in Survival Craft. It is flightless and has gray, blue, and pink coloration.

If you follow them from a distance, they will drop eggs which are very nutritious when cooked.

They eat Pumpkins.

They are semi-hostle, have a very powerful attack, and drop 1 Raw Bird and 3-6 Feathers when killed.

They can easily outrun the character and almost always will fight back when attacked. Because of that, you need to be careful when trying to kill them.

Apperance Biome

Cassowaries are found in Desert and Lush Forest Biomes.


Cassowaries can be used for eggs, which can be eaten either raw or cooked. 

Cassowaries can be spawned in Creative Gamemode using a Spawner Egg.

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