Brown Bull (Semi-Hostile)
General Attributes:
Appearance Biome Jungles/Forest
Attack Resilience 35
Fire Resilience 20
Fall Resilience 7.5
Attack Power 1.5
Breathing Mode Air
Mountable No
Walk Speed 4
Acceleration Factor 0.5
Mass 400
Bodybox Size 1.3 x 1.4 x 1.3
Other Attributes:
Drop 2-4 Bacon
Auto Nearby Creatures Help Yes

Food Vegetation


The Brown Bull is a mammal in Survival Craft with a brown/white pelt and horns.

Bulls are herbavores, meaning they will eat: Purple Flowers, Red Flowers, White Flowers, Tall Grass, and Ivy.

They are docile, but will charge at you and chase you for long distances if you strike them or you attack or milk one of their cows. They drop 2-4 Raw Bacon when killed.

Apperance Biome

Brown Bullls are found protecting Brown Cows in Jungles/Forests.


Bulls can be herded into fences using a whistle. You can use them to protect brown cows from predators. They ONLY protect brown cows. 

Brown Bull can be spawned in Creative Gamemode using a Spawner Egg.

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