General Attributes:
Is Stackable Yes (40)
Is Flammable No
Tool-related Attributes:

Description (From Recipaedia)

Bricks are obtained by firing clay blocks in the furnace. They are the most versatile building material available, because objects constructed from bricks can be broken down into the constituent bricks if no longer needed.


Bricks are baked from clay, each block turning into 2 bricks.


Blocks, stairs and slabs made from bricks may be broken back down to get the bricks back. Walls and stairs give 2 bricks while slabs give 1, and as such no bricks are wasted in the process.


Bricks can be used to make brick wall, brick stairs, and brick slabs using the normal crafting patterns, however using the brick items instead of blocks. The walls are crafted in a 2x2 square shape. This means they can be made without out a crafting table, although one will be needed to make the furnace used in the process.


  • Bricks can be hard to obtain in large quantities because clay is most commonly found in the bottom of lakes (where it is hard to dig and you get wet) and only so much per lake (usually 20-30 per). Clay also spawns on rich quantities under the ocean, although it is technically impossible to get them without drowning or becoming a shark's meal.
  • Bricks are a thrown item and they cannot be placed. (They can be dropped like any other obtainable item.)
  • Bricks are throwable items which can also be compiled into construction materials.

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