Bread icon
ID 177
General Attributes:
Is Stackable Yes (12)
Is Flammable No
Is Edible Yes
Food Type bread
Nutritional Value 0.5
Tool-related Attributes:

Description   (From Recipaedia)

A loaf of bread. Very tasty and nutritious meal.


Bake Dough in a furnace to make bread. You get one loaf.

Craft bread

Baking Bread

Making Bread from Scratch

There are 6 steps to making Bread.

  1. Gather many wild rye seeds from Wild Rye. You should have several full stacks at your disposal.
  2. Prepare the field. You must properly prepare a large field for growing. The temperature of the field must be in the mid ranges and the humidity must be high enough, for crops to grow. Using a thermometer and hygrometer will help. Place double fences around the field since animals can easily destroy your crops by walking over them. It is helpful to have water within a few blocks of each and every block that is to be seeded. Prepare the ground with a rake to turn it into soil. Fertilize the soil with saltpeter
  3. Sow the rye seeds and wait for them to reach FULL maturity. This may take a long time and some seeds may not grow. This will produce rye (not WILD rye). Refer to the page rye for more details. Harvest the rye to gather rye seeds.
  4. Take these (domestic) rye seeds and craft them into flour. A crafting table is needed. Nine seeds make one measure of flour. 
  5. Take the flour and craft that into doughYou will need a Water Bucket for each lump of dough. 
  6. Take the dough and bake it into bread. Uses a furnace.


  • Bread is the most complicated and time consuming food in SurvivalCraft, and it requires rye seeds, coal and saltpeter which can be difficult to find. You will need at least about 40 plants to even hope to grow enough to sustain the character and may need to constantly scout for saltpeter for fertilizer.
  • Cooked Ostrich and Cassowary Eggs, Fish and Bacon are more nutritious than bread. Bread is as nutritious as Cooked Bird.
  • Bread left alone for a while may rot and turn into Moldy Bread.