Block / Item Infobox
General Attributes:
Is Stackable Yes (12)
Is Flammable No
Fuel Value 0
Is Edible Yes
Food Type Bread, Meat, Vegetation
Nutritional Value 2
Emitted Light Amount 0
Sleep Suitability 0
Fire Duration 0
Tool-related Attributes:

General Attributes

Is Stackable: How many can you carry in inventory?

note that some items may stack differently when in the hotbar.

Is Flammable: Can this block catch fire? Yes or No

Fuel Value: How much fuel does the block provide for the furnace ? Leave blank if not flammable.

Is Edible: Can you eat it? Yes or No

Food Type: What kind of food is it? Leave blank if inedible.

Nutritional Value: How many food points does it provide upon consumption? Leave blank if inedible.

Emitted Light: How much light the block emits. Leave blank if 0.

Sleep Suitability: Can you sleep on this block? Decimal value from 0 [cannot] to 1 [can]. Only valid for placeable blocks.

Fire Duration: How long will the item burn outside of a furnace? Leave blank if not flammable.

Block / Item Infobox
General Attributes:
Light Attenuation 0
Explosive Power 0
Explosion Resilience 0
Projectile Resilience 0
Density 0
Is Fluid Blocker No
Projectile Stick Probability 0
Tool-related Attributes:


Light Attenuation: How much the block attenuates the light that passes through it.

Explosive Power: Power of explosion provided by block. Leave blank if 0.

Explostion Resilience: Resilience of the block to be destroye by explosives.

Projectile Resilience: Resilience of block when struck by projectiles.

Density: Used to determine buoyance. An item with a density less than 1 will float. Item with density greater than 1 will sink.

Is Fluid Blocker: When placed, does it block the flow of water?

Projectile Stick Probability: Decimal value between 0 and 1. Defines the probability for a spear or arrow to stick in the block.

Block / Item Infobox
General Attributes:
Tool-related Attributes:
Digging Method Hack mini Shovel mini Quarry mini
Required Tool Level 0
Digging Resilience 0
Impact on Average Tool Longevity 0

Tool-Related Attributes

Digging Method: What tool is needed to break the block? This applies primarily to adventure mode. 

Required Tool Level: Minimal level of tool needed to break the block. 0 means you can acquire by hand.

Digging Resilience: Resilence of the block to be dug.

Impact on Tool longevity: Indicates which impact the block has on the tool or weapon lonegivity when used on it. This lets tougher blocks wear out tools faster. 

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