Bison (Semi-Hostile)
General Attributes:
Appearance Biome Cold, Snowy areas
Attack Resilience 45
Fall Resilience 7.5
Attack Power 3
Breathing Mode Air
Mountable No
Walk Speed 15 km/h
Acceleration Factor 0.5
Mass 500 kg
Other Attributes:
Drop Raw Bacon, Fur
Auto Nearby Creatures Help Yes

Food Vegetation

Description (from Bestiary )

A large grass-eating mammal. Lives in herds for protection. Not normall aggressive, but does not like anyone who approaches too close. Powerful and dangerous when enraged. Delicious to eat and provides valuable fur when hunted.

Bison are herbivores, meaning they will eat: Red Flowers, Purple Flowers, White Flowers, Tall Grass, Ivy, and Pumpkins.

They are semi-hostile**, and drop Raw Bacon and fur when killed.

Apearance Biome

Bison are found in cold, snowy habitats.


Bison drop lots of fur and raw meat when killed. Excellent to keep surviving in cold environments.

Bison can be spawned in Creative Gamemode using a Spawner Egg.

**This animal is GENERALLY passive, but will retaliate strongly when injured.