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This circuit is another must-have for all calculators. Binary subtractor (as you can guess from its name) can subtract two binary numbers.

You can have some problems when you will try to build and use a subtractor -

  1. There are two types of subtractors - half and full. Both can subtract just two numbers (0,1), but full subtractor (unlike the half) can be connected to another full subtractor, whitch can operate with the 1st subtractor's output. That means you can subtract more numbers when you have more full subtractors. Each new subtractor will add you one bit (read bellow)
  2. Subtractors (doesn't matter if half or full) are using binary code, so it can be confusing to work with them. Binary code uses just 0 and 1, so you can write a number in binary using just switches (ON=1, OFF=0).
  3. Binary code uses bits (you can image a bit as a place reserved for 0 or 1). Each connected full subtractor will add one more bit. The numbers you can subtract are limited by the number of bits.

If you want to build up one for yourself, you can look at this scheme -


A stands for minuend input, B stands for subtrahend input, BORin and BORout stand for connecting with previous/next full subtractor, D stands for output

Or you can download this world file and test it yourself - Binary Calculator world file

Tutorial for our worldEdit

The subtractor is on the right side and it's labeled, so it won't be problem to find it.

If you want to use it, don't forget these things -

  1. The subtractor has two lines of switches. The first line represents minuend and the second line represents subtrahend. Like on this picture -
  2. Our subtractor has just 4 bits, so the max number you can get from it is 15 (15-0)
  3. It subtracts in real time, so please don't let the diodes interrupt you. You should look at them after finishing writing the numbers.

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