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This circuit is probably the most complicated circuit in our calculator. This circuit (as you can guess from its name) can covert a binary number to decimal.

This circuit works with binary (like others) and can't be connected into series to add bits into the final circuit (like the multiplier).

This circuit was created for demonstration purposes only, so it has only 4 bits and the max number you can get is 9 (1001bin -> 9dec). Although the circuit has just 4 bits, it has complicated scheme -


A - D are inputs for binary number, 0 - 9 are ouputs (showing number in decimal)

You can also test it youself - Binary Calculator world file

Tutorial for our worldEdit

The coverter is in front of you and it's labeled, so it won't be problem to find it.

If you want to use it, don't forget these things -

  1. Our converter has just 4 bits, so the max number you can convert is 1001bin (=9dec)
  2. It converts in real time, so please don't let the diodes interrupt you. You should look at them after finishing writing the number.

Binary to decimal conv001

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