Bedrock (Block)
ID 1
General Attributes:
Is Flammable No
Is Edible No
Sleep Suitability 0
Explosion Resilience Infinity
Projectile Resilience 1
Density 3
Is Fluid Blocker Yes
Projectile Stick Probability 0
Tool-related Attributes:
Digging Resilience Infinity


Bedrock is the material from which the bottom of the Survivalcraft world is made, deep under the basalt layer. It marks the bottom end of the world and is unbreakable even in creative mode. 


  • Beginning with V2.0, pistons may be used to push or pull bedrock blocks around. This gives the possibility of building bedrock walls in non-creative modes. However, you cannot move with pistons the lowest layer of bedrock, preventing the possibily to create holes to the void in non-creative game modes.
  • Bedrock saves the character from accidentally falling "into the void" and dying. If you go below '0' your character will begin to suffocate. Before V2.0, you could travel a couple blocks below '0' without dying.
  • It can't be broken with any tool. Even explosives don't break it.
  • If you hack Survivalcraft world files, you can remove bedrock.
  • There is a layer of invisible bedrock below the last visible layer.

Bugs/Breaking Bedrock

A persistent 'bug' allows bedrock to be destroyed in-game using fences and slabs.

If you place a fence next to a bedrock block then tap the side of the fence, another fence piece will be placed and the bedrock block will be destroyed.  

And, place a slab in the top half of the space just above a bedrock block. Use third person view and look at the bottom of this slab. Now place a fence piece there. The fence will destroy the bedrock block beneath the slab. You can also use a Grass Trap instead of a slab. It might be easier to place the fence under the trap.

Breaking Bedrock

Beginning in Android version 1.27, there is an invisible layer of bedrock under the visible bedrock. This may be destroyed in the same way but anything placed in this level (such as fences) will also be invisible. If you break through this layer and descend any lower, your character will die. This is commonly called "the void".

As of V2.0, you cannot travel below the bedrock to use 'x-ray vision' without suffocating.