All About Animals

The chart below lists all of the animals found in SurvivalCraft as of the 2.1 update with a description of their location of origin and other general information.

Bass (Freshwater) Ponds and Lakes near forests No Yes No
Bass (Sea) Ocean No Yes No
Barracuda Ocean Yes Yes No
Bison Cold Biomes No* Yes No
Black Bear Caves Yes No No
Brown Bear Forests Yes No No
Beluga Whale Ocean Yes Yes No
Cassowary Desert Yes Yes No
Coyote Desert Yes No No
Polar Bear Icy areas near shores Yes No No
Black Bull Cold areas, Flat land Yes Yes No
Brown Bull Forests Yes Yes No
Camel Desert No* Yes Yes
Black Cow Cold areas, Flat land; with Black Bulls No* Yes No
Brown Cow Forests; with Brown Bulls No* Yes No
Donkey Forests, Deserts No Yes Yes
Duck Near Forests and Ponds No Yes No
Giraffe Lush Forests No* Yes No
Gnu Lush Forests No* Yes No
Horse Lush Forests and Plains No Yes Yes
Hyena Desert Yes No No
Jaguar Caves and Forests Yes No No
Lion Desert Yes No No
Leopard Lush Forests Yes No No
Moose Cold Biomes No* Yes No
Orca Far out in Ocean Yes Yes No
Ostrich Desert No* Yes No
Piranha Lakes in Lush Forests, Ocean Yes No No
Raven Snowy Areas No Yes No
Brown Ray Muddy lakes Yes Yes No
Yellow Ray Sandy lakes Yes Yes No
Reindeer Snowy areas No Yes No
Rhino Lush Forests Yes Yes No
Seagull Shores No Yes No
Bull Shark Ocean Yes Yes No
Tiger Shark Ocean Yes Yes No
Tiger Lush Forests Yes No No
White Bull Cold, snowy biomes Yes Yes No
White Tiger Cold, Snowy biomes  Yes No No
Werewolf Nearly everywhere, Mostly in Forest. New or full moon is needed for spawning. ** Yes No No
Wildboar Forests Yes Yes No
Wolf Nearly everywhere, Mostly in Forest Yes No No
Zebra Desert No Yes No

*This animal is GENERALLY passive, but there is a chance it will retaliate when injured by the player or another animal.

**There has been proof that werewolves may be present during other phases of the moon.


  • All animals will despawn (disappear) if you are far away from them for too long. You should get close enough to hear them at least every 20 game-days to make sure they are still there. See the Animal Spawning page for more information. 
  • Nearly every animal has a chance to fight back when attacked. Some are less likely than others. Some will attack if you simply touch them. Some will attack if you just stand too close to them. Some will attack you on sight. See the Animals Behavior page for more details. 
  • The only animals shown to never fight back so far are bass and the flying birds. 
  • If you want to detain animals, see the page on Cattle Farming.

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