Adventure mode is for players who want to create quest maps and share them with others. In this mode you cannot dig without tools. Create your quest map in Creative Gamemode and change it to Adventure Mode before uploading.

Gameplay Features

  • Finite supply of blocks, items, etc.
  • Being on fire, freezing, etc. affects players health.
  • Animals are provoked more easily than in Harmless mode.
  • Sleep is necessary every 2 days.
  • Tools and Weapons wear down and eventually break.
  • No animal spawn eggs are avaliable.
  • Cannot dig, mine, etc. wihout proper tools.


  • While the world is set to Creative Gamemode, you are able to enable an option called "Disable Adventure Survival Mechanics". This makes it so that in Adventure Mode you do not have depleting hunger, stamina does not go down etc. This feature may be useful for parkour maps.
  • You are also able to disable "Adventure Respawn" where when a player dies in Adventure Mode, they must restart their world from the beginning.

Other Gamemodes

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